talee changes the way of working together!

Interdisciplinary teams

Innovations arise in open cultures. talee gives you the opportunity to try out and organize various formats in order to shape your individual innovation culture - across the entire organization, across departments and across hierarchies.

Knowledge transfer

The networking of colleagues not only creates shared experiences, but also actively and continuously promotes the exchange of knowledge between different departments and hierarchies. Another basic requirement of an innovative corporate culture.

Employee Engagement

With talee you create the space for your employees to contribute and organize independently. In doing so, you lay the basis for a trusting and appreciative culture that has a lasting effect on the commitment and the solidarity of employees with the company.

Discover how varied the talees are.






This is how your organization benefits from talee


With talee you not only promote innovative processes in your company. Join us as a pioneer in the new world of work. #NewWork


talee events create authentic content that you can easily use for your communication channels. #Storytelling


You always have an overview of the KPIs of your talee organisation. Simple & clear. #Improvement


You just pay for the specific number of active users. #NoRisk

All benefits at a glance?

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